Welding Turntable

10/12/15 Kw
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic press
  • High frequency generator built-in in the press structure
  • Rotating table with four or six Working tables with adjustable rotating speed
  • Liquid circulation refrigerating unit (upon request)
  • Installation of automated loader/unloader (upon request)
  • Electrical board with PLC control (technical support available upon request)
  • Control panel with touch screen
Maximum clamping force
1200 kg
Welding area
505 x 605 mm
Power output from generator
10/12/15 Kw
Operating frequency
27,12 Mhz ± 0.6%
Supply voltage
400V - 3F + T - 50 hz (other voltages available upon request)
Compressed air pressure
8 Bar
Estimated productivity
Based on welding times and operator's ability
Medical, Paramedic, Baby Care, Packagking, Stationery, Automotive


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