Filling machine

The filling unit is suitable to fill IV solution bags up to 1’000 ml, pre set dosage volume for 2 nozzles, automatic insertion of the closure or vial stopper.

Thanks to the highly accurate dosing system installed on the machine the filled volume is constant and as per pre set volume decided by the operator.

To maintain the filling area free of particles, the machine is equipped with a ULPA filter, with independent fan allowing air flow control.

With 3.5 Bars of pressure on the feed line, the filling capacity of 500 bags is approximately 1’000 bags per hour (the filling capacity is determined by the skills of the machine operator).

Filling machine

The machine operator feeds the vial stoppers bulk, into the appropriate hopper located in the back of the machine, the dosage volume required to be filled, is pre set on the electronic touch screen, after this operations the machine is ready to start the filling operations.

As soon as the bag filling tube is fit to the nozzle the machine will recognize the bag in place and will start the filling cycle automatically.

The filling is done alternatively on the 2 nozzles, the machine will automatically recognize when the bag tube is in place and opens the valve allowing the filling to take place.

While 1 bag is in filling position the second is in closing position and vice versa.

Once filling is completed, the filled bag is translated to the closing area, where a specially designed mechanical device will complete the closing of the bag, by insertion of the vial stopper.

As soon as the vial stopper is fixed in place, the bag falls on the belt conveyor and is moved out of the filling area.


Technical data:

  • Power supply: 230V mono phase 50Hz
  • Max absdorbed power: 16 A
  • Filling capacity: 1200 bags/hours of 500ml @ 4 bar
  • Size: 757 x 1762 x 2095 (h) mm

Closures used on the filler:

  • Vial stopper
  • Needle point
  • Twist off

The filler can also be adapted for other types of closures.
As an optional, the filler can be supplied with a second closure to be defined in the order phase.

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