About us


Italian excellence in HF welding.
Service and assistance for all brands.


Electronic welding for over 40 years

CMA Italia was founded in 1975 as a service centre for all types of welding machines. Thanks to the experience gained over the years and thanks to our qualified technicians and engineers, CMA started the production of custom machines to meet the needs of every customer. Today, we DESIGN and BUILD different types of machines based on our customers' requests. Our technicians and engineers are able to offer ASSISTANCE on machines of all brands, as well as complete SERVICE to refurbish machines to a new condition. And this is why CMA ITALIA srl is a Made in Italy excellence in technology applied to electronic welding, present in Italy and abroad. Our fields of application range from the medical sector to the automobile sector, from the baby care sector to the large-scale structures to the stationery sector.

Quality and reliability

The applications of our products are countless and are custom made for our customers. We at CMA Italia are keen on offering the perfect machine and for this reason we design and produce HF welding machines, cutting machines and rewinding machines internally with utmost craftsmanship. Our 40-year experience in the Italian and foreign market, as well as the expertise gained as assistance and service centre has allowed us to fine-tune attention to detail in the design of our products while looking after every aspect in the production process and the quality of the selected materials.
Our welding machines leave the production line ready for production with utmost safety and reliability over time, ready to join your industrial activities fully operational.


The satisfaction of our customers is ours

CMA is able to provide assistance on any type of system by joining the quality of the best spare parts in the market with the utmost professionalism of engineers ready to take action. Our professionals are able to offer ad hoc consultancy to meet your needs. CMA Italia is able to meet the requests of our customers quickly and efficiently, from the smallest to the largest business.

Offers ready for delivery New and Used Regenerated

At our showroom you will find a wide range of new and used regenerated machines for every need, ready for delivery.