High frequency welding machine

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High frequency (HF) or Radiofrequency (RF) welding is the joining of materials by feeding high frequency energy under a form of electromagnetic field (27.12 MHz) and pressure on the surface of the materials to join. A generator produces the energy. The tool used to feed the energy is called an electrode. Electricity allows for molecules inside the materials to start to move and generate heat which softens the material and hence joins with the material. No heat is applied from outside. It is generated inside the material. After cooling the welded surface at a constant pressure, the material is fused and the welding is ready. The weld joint can be as strong or even stronger than the surrounding material. Four major factors that influence the final welding results are the pressure, the welding effect, the welding time and the cooling. Said parameters can be regulated and combined in different ways in order to obtain an optimal welding for a specific type of material. The most commonly used material for high frequency welding is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), sometimes called vinyl and PU (polyurethane). Materials can be thick or thin, reinforced or coated. They may be plain, coloured or modelled.

High frequency welding machine


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