Induction heaters models IH1T and IH2TA

3.5 Kw
  • Computerised HF generators
  • Patented electrode fitting system
  • Controller built-in with wire pushing unit and gas interception valves for piece cooling protection
  • Piece counting device to calculate total and last ten minutes
  • Self-diagnosis of operating malfunction
  • Reduced bulksize
  • High heating speed
  • Conformity with EU law on electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility
  • Dual galvanic insulation between power supply and welding head
  • Extremely electrode earthen power
Technical characteristics
220V ca - 60 hz single-phase / 380V three-phase
Maximum absorbed power
3.5 Kw
Power factor
> 0,9
Maximum reactive power exchanged in the resonant circuit of welding heads
100 kva
Operating frequency
1,5 : 1,8 Mhz
Generator conversion performance
> 90%
Cooling fluid
Generator size
155 x 265 x 395 mm
Size of welding head
60 x 120 x 150 mm

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